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Technological solutions that will carry your business to the future

NMD Technology Services uses the security technologies of the future to purvey comprehensive integration solutions to carry your business into the future. Security technology, which is an important part of a real-time supply and tracking chain brings the speed of the digital world to workflow processes.

Experienced, skilled and passionate NMD employees optimize all of your business processes through user-friendly solutions to connect people and technology together. A high-performance and collaborative tracking chain maximizes accountability and reliability.

Cutting edge hardware and software solutions create digital identities that can be traced from the beginning of the production process to the final step of delivery.


NMD Technology Services purveys real-time and traceable digital solutions for all manufacturing and supply chain
processes. We collaborate with your personnel to prevent loss of time and successfully combine high-technology
applications with your business processes.

Tailor-made System Solutions

Our brand’s commitment, “ideas come true,” is not just words. It is a reflection of our ability to convert your most far-fetched entrepreneurial ideas into new feasible projects. This capability also leads to development and innovation within existing organizations. For us, transposing your ideas into reality usually involves hardware and multifarious air interfaces.

Reduce Costs & Boost Your Income

A tailor-made system solution combines mobile applications with web-based solutions to streamline your business processes. The initial focus is usually on processes that purvey the largest ROI through digitalization. Typical areas where digitalization can dramatically reduce lead times and costs include development, production and faster invoicing. A customized solution may help enhance value for customers and the amount of new business opportunities. A decent system solution can offer the competitive edge your business needs while expanding your market.

Seamless Integration

We assist you in the entirety of your digitalization process. This allows you to focus on your business goals while we work on smart and impressive solutions for you. Thanks to our team’s extensive skill set, we can offer you project management services, system architect, UX/UI design, test users and experienced front- and back-end developers who have experience with cutting- edge technologies. We can also provide you with servers and integrate other hardware and various air interfaces into your tailor-made system solution.

Your System Solution, Your Choice

Associating with Strikersoft means that you can decide on whether you want to be involved with the whole development process, or only the areas where you need to complement your own resources. Integrating your solution will be our responsibility. We have independent and sharpy teams who also offer UX/UI design as a separate service. The flexibility of this approach lets us to establish the perfect project team for each part of your project.


Tailor-made solutions created for different needs of different organizations are completely flexible. Offering technological support in every area where resources need completion, nmd accelerates digitalization processes through different system solutions. We ensure that the most appropriate resources such as UX/UI design and management tools, which may be necessary in any step of any project are successfully combined.

let’s cooperate

Flexible team-work solutions for needs and ideas


NMD is ready to collaborate whenever you wish to execute your ideas in a new country. We establish the technological infrastructure for the production and supply chains.



We engage in collaboration with different companies in the same industry. We support development for investment, business development and project execution activities.



NMD values your ideas at least as much as you do. We provide consultancy for your new business ideas and create technological business development solutions



Collaboration practices that offer need-based applications for different industries lead to creative solutions in all processes that requires optimization.

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